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You may have noticed that the Ma.gnolia feed at has been down for several weeks now and has today been replaced by bringing back the feed. So what happened? What seems to have happened is something in their database became corrupt and crashed the site. It also seems that they have been unsuccessful […]

Firstly I would just like to welcome you to the new look homepage. We have been working on it for a while and while the changes may only be minor I hope it will be clearer and simpler to use! Over the next few months we will be continuing the “new look” theme with […]

As you may know running a website is not free. is funded by advertisers who choose to advertise on our homepage. is getting constantly more popular which is great, however the more people who visit and view the site the more it costs to run it (for more information see here). Unfortunately the […]

Yes that’s right, is has over 1,400 bookmarks on Thanks to you wonderful people bookmarking our site we are now up there with the likes of… oh wait most major sites have more, but never mind if you haven’t bookmarked on and help us get to 2000! Then we will buy […]

Well its been a while since we added anything to the blog or indeed the site. Many of you may be wondering what is going on. Well over the next month and a half we will be updating the site ( to include several new features, some major bug fixes, a little redesigning, and an […]

The past two days have seen our visitor count soar after reaching the top of the popular list.  We also reached the top of’s popular list, not to mention being visited from loads of blogs. Plus thanks for a the comments!

So what changes have we made since the re-design: We now have a better text size changer A refresh button located in the options panel Improved search bar A more manageable screen size What do you think? Let us know…