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After several comments we have now introduced a new feature to allow you to switch off the description hover box. So if you just wan’t pure links with no descriptions… your wish has been granted. Furthermore over the next few weeks we will be introducing a customise option to the site to allow you to […]

So what changes have we made since the re-design: We now have a better text size changer A refresh button located in the options panel Improved search bar A more manageable screen size What do you think? Let us know…

I would like to apologise to people reading this post as it is really a long rant at a blogger on the web…. The other day I came across a blog post that was offensive and quite upsetting.  It was a post about written by a person who obviously knows Thomas Marban creator of […]

Every month are giving website owners the chance to display a link to there website at the top of the homepage.  Only quality site owners need apply.  It costs just $10 to have your own link displayed here for a whole month. Yes it’s that cheap $10 for 1 month. Click here for details […]