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This is really our chance to thank the people who really made THEWEBLIST.NET work:

Popurls.com – Okay, big round of applause for the guy behind this website (Thomas Marban), it is an amazing idea and site!
THEWEBLIST.net was created as a personal project based on this site – the real credit should go to him.

Simple Pie – the system we use for reading RSS and Atom syndication feeds
Thanks to these guys we can provide you with this service – its the best caching RSS parser around!

Dynamic Drive – the home of a few of our javascripts!
One of the most useful javascript websites on the internet.

WordPress.com – the folks who are powering this blog
Our favourite free blogging tool on the web.

Thanks to these two sites for providing us with the knowledge for pure CSS popups, thanks folks!

Joachim Rørbøl’s Search Engine Script

And last but not least: All those great websites providing RSS feeds

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