We have a problem… Please help us!


As you may know running a website is not free. THEWEBLIST.net is funded by advertisers who choose to advertise on our homepage. THEWEBLIST.net is getting constantly more popular which is great, however the more people who visit and view the site the more it costs to run it (for more information see here). Unfortunately the extra costs of running the site each month are not being completely covered by the advertising income.

This means that unless we can raise some extra money THEWEBLIST.net will have to close for a few days at the end of each month to prevent us from being changed extra. We do have a plan in place however. A slightly new look with some improved features will be rolled out soon, coupled with improved advertising opportunities should help us bridge the gap. These new features are not yet ready and this is why we need your help in the meantime.

We have set up a PayPal donate button for those of you who wish to donate anything to help us pay the bills.  To donate click here.


4 Responses to “We have a problem… Please help us!”

  1. Sorry for this. But does cost that much to run theweblist.net? —

    Cool site, by the way. I think I am addicted to single page aggregators! I have made one such myself – Norwegian version: http://www.poplenker.net.

  2. We have just upgraded our hosting package to cope with the extra demand of visitors – this has doubled the websites’ running costs. This cost is relatively small to what some major sites I’m sure pay for their hosting. However when I first created the site it was just a personal project and free. As more people have started to use it, it has become a business project and advertising has been introduced to foot the cost. I am a student and any cost the website generates has to be covered and made back by the site, as I do not have spare funds to operate the site with.

    P.s. Your Norwegian version looks great, I wish you all the best with running it!

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