Re-design and an angry blogger…


I would like to apologise to people reading this post as it is really a long rant at a blogger on the web….

The other day I came across a blog post that was offensive and quite upsetting.  It was a post about written by a person who obviously knows Thomas Marban creator of  In the post I am accused of “stealing” graphics and “hijacking” code, and the author would love to DoS attack my site “a million times over”.  His readers are also encouraged to post away about my “almost criminal acts online”.  You can see for yourself here.

Anyway I feel I should blog away in my defence.  Most annoying of all in the post I am described as a “lazy and uncreative person”.  Firstly I would like to try and make clear what the author of the post has seriously failed to recognize, that my site is, if anything, a tribute to When I first saw Popurls I loved it and I wanted to test myself to see if I could recreate the wonderful design and functionality of the site.  To complete the site I had to learn how to use PHP (I have never used PHP before), research how to display RSS feeds on a web page, learn exactly how to create all the functions… Popups, javascript etc… from scratch.  Again I would like to state I copied nothing from Popurl’s servers, no code, no graphics, no files etc.  I wrote all my own code and created my own graphics (contrary to the accusation I stole favicons!?!).  Finally I had achieved a site that looked and worked like Popurls, my working tribute.  I now know how to do loads more stuff with web development than before this project, which is great.  However if the author feels this is “lazy and uncreative” he is entitled to his opinion.

But his post does provide one truth, the code of is “pretty much the lowest and most flagrant abuse of web code” he has probably seen in a long while!  This is because I was investigating PHP and learning how to do stuff Thomas Marban achieved on his site, I was not trying to create tidy neat code.  However (again!) as the author of the post (and Thomas Marban) obviously feel strongly on the issue, I am redesigning the site, which is sad because I loved the old colours but anyway, it will have new tidy XHTML standard compliant code, shiny new graphics, new CSS and brand new colours.  I will keep the idea as it is such a good one and well really if we can’t learn from others, recreate, and reuse good ideas on the Internet well I’m sorry but that’s how we develop and progress on the web as well as with new and original ideas.

The new look site will be with us in a few days… thanks for being patient!


5 Responses to “ Re-design and an angry blogger…”

  1. Look at this way, they guy, by blogging his anger, just made your site a bit more popular. If he has his influential power, he may get more people express their angers at you, and tada, you can call it a success in short time. If the guy has no infuential power, not even a tiny bit, oh well, then why should you care 🙂

    Don’t you love the web!

    Hui Zhou

  2. 3 Oyayubizoku

    That was me… I meant every word I said… BUT, not withstanding… I do appreciate your comments on this being a learning experience…

    I think that you may have been dealt a more heavy hand than normal, due to my exasperation seeing this kind of thing proliferating online… Its a sore subject for me as I am/have been part of the internet design arena for awhile now… and maybe this example was the last straw…

    Regardless, I do appreciate your willingness to address these comments and in turn, change your site design…

  3. How the heck do you steal a favicon?

  4. Have a look at the revert war…

    Someone keeps removing TheWebList from the external links!

    Others keep reverting it!

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