Your Comments


Got a comment, suggestion or question about THEWEBLIST.NET? – Tell us here!

I would love to know what you think about the website…

  • How you think I can improve it
  • Your general feedback
  • What new features you would like to see on the site

I really do appreciate it when people leave feedback, so if you have something to say please do, you don't need to register just post your comments at the bottom of the page, we will not use your email address at all – its just for security reasons.

Thanks very much for visiting!


8 Responses to “Your Comments”

  1. 1 splatter

    nice site! its now my homepage!

  2. 2 GOD

    this site is exactly the same as, but i like the open links in a new window feature

  3. 3 coolkevin

    Great site!

  4. 4 Leion

    I like this site. great!

  5. 5 Buster

    Great. i love the news. this is perfet for me. thank u. this will be my homepage from now on

  6. Thanks for posting guys but we would love to know how you think we could make the site better… any suggestions?

  7. 7 rob

    sorry but this is a really bad ripp, popurls forever

  8. Actually, we think it is a quite good rip off! 🙂

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